Why is it offensive to call someone an Eskimo?



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    Some find it to be an ethnic slur because children in Canada were brought up to believe that “eskimo” was a negative way to refer to someone who eats raw meat and because it was given to these people by non-natives. 

    Complicating the issue, though, is the fact that the etymology of the term is debated, with some believing that it originated within the Inuit language.  Furthermore, some peoples of northern North America prefer the term to what seems to be the more politically correct “Inuit” because they are, in fact, not Inuit people.

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    It depends on the country if it is offensive or not. 

    • Canada: use the term Inuit
    • United States (i.e., Alaska): Can use Eskimo, which includes Yupik and Inuit peoples
    • Greenland: Kalaallit (Inuit may be acceptable as well, but I simply don’t know)
    • Russia: Eskimo (albeit in Russian, Эскимо). Mostly Yupik peoples, with the exception of Inuit on Big Diomede. Sirenikski may be separate from both Yupik and Inuit (hat tip to Anthony Woodbury).

    check out the link for more information. 

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