Why is it mandatory to pick up dog poop when you take them for a walk?



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    There are several reasons to pick up dog waste.  Dog waste is quit toxic.  Many think it can be used as fertilizer, but in fact dog waste is so toxic it can burn or discolor the yard.  More importantly, dog waste is a breeding ground for diseases and infections.  Salmonellosis, tapeworms, hookworms, and campylobacteriosis are just a few known diseases / infections dog waste can carry.

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    It is not illegal to leave dog poop behind. It is often a city or state wide statute though, in which you may be charged a fine. So in the US, leave your dog poop behind if you want, but you may pay for it and may have some upset neighbors! Fun fact: In most European cities, you are not required to clean up after your dog, instead city workers do it for you. 

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