Why is it important to study plants?



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    Plants are important to study because we learn very interesting things about them that we may attribute to us and our lifestyles. For instance, today I learned in my Anatomy and Physiology class that fiber is a part of the plant cell wall that we cannot digest, but aids in digestion.

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    For many scientists, learning for the sake of learning is motivation enough for their work. From an environmental or “how will it benefit humans” perspective, understanding plants is important for many reasons. Becoming more familiar with the genomes of crop plants can result in better GMOs to feed the world’s growing population. Many scientists are studying photosynthesis in hopes of designing better solar panels. And understanding the ecology of plants is important for preserving the environments they live in.

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    It is very important that scientists study plants because plants are being used for a variety of reasons including lotions, soaps, food, fuel, medicine, and much more. Plants have been used for a very long time as medicine and some people believe that many cures for diseases could be found in undiscovered plants. Plants are being used for medicine, 121 prescription drugs come from plant based sources and 25 percent of western pharmaceuticals originate from rainforest ingredients. By studying plants scientists learn move about the environment and could possibly find cures for diseases and illnesses.

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