Why is it important to protect and conserve our natural resources for future generations?



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    Future generations should be have the same opportunity that we have had using natural resources. Since civilization is always pressing forward, the future generations should be focusing on how to preserve the remaining natural resources. Now since technology is being evolved at a high rate, some might say that we can find alternatives for natural resources. I would argue that since the natural resources are found in nature, just as man was originally (so we think) we should continue to use them, but in a sustainable way.

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    Conserving and protecting our natural resources now is important because some resources are not renewable and conservation is the only way that future generations will be able to access them. This includes overharvesting of fish or destruction of grasslands and rainforests.

    Also, learning how to live a sustainable lifestyle now will make it easier for the future to adapt to a changing environment. With a growing population, conservation and protection measures are needed to try to make sure that everyone can gain access to clean water, air and soil for growing food.

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