Why is it important to have a walk able city?



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    Walkable cities are easy to navigate (especially by foot), are conducive to public transportation, and are planned-out to best utilize space, reducing sprawl. 

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    Besides reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, walking around promotes a sense of community. While walking around, one can easily interact with people. While driving, one is more likely to remain isolated. The sense of community I experience in NYC is one of my favorite things about this walkable city.

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    Walkable cities also encourage people to be more healthy. Think about how much Americans sit in their vehicles to get from point A to point B. If we were all walking between our destinations, we would probably see a decrease in obesity and the long-term negative health consequences associated with it.

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    Lower obesity rates!  When I was in Poland people walked everywhere.  They were some of the most fit people I have ever seen!  When we were hiking in the mountains there were old people and children passing us, the same goes for climbing St. Mary’s Cathedral in Krakow.  I’m not out of shape either, they were just really conditioned. Another benefit of walkable cities, is that there will be a lot more interaction among community members.  Small businesses will also benefit from placing themselves along pathways that are commonly frequented.  This is common in many big cities in Europe as well as certain areas of New York City.

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