Why is it important to have an efficient washer and dryer combo?



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    Well, otherwise you may be using more water than necessary in your washer, more electricity/propane (depending on how your house is set up) to dry clothes. This is both a waste in general regarding the environment, and a waste for you; you’d be paying more than you need to just to have your washer/dryer do a mediocre job.

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    The more efficient your washer and dryer the better they are for the environment. The washer will use less water and both will use less electricity. An added bonus is that this will save you money in your water bill and your electric bill!

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    With high efficiency washers you will save enrgy, water, money and detergent.  With an energy saving dryer, you will save energy, money and time as you will likely be able to complete your laundry in just one dryer cycle.

    If you want to save even more money, you could consider hanging your clothes out on a line, especially during the warm Summer months.

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