Why is it important to give your muscles a break after you work them out?



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    Working out your muscles is actually tearing them and breaking them down. While you work out your muscles get more and more broken down, and if you overwork them you are going to get injured. The actual building of muscle happens after you leave the gym, when your muscles are recovering and rebuilding themselves. So if you don’t gie your muscles a break, you are hurting them and not allowing them to grow. 

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    The main reason you should give your muscles a break after a work out is because you need them time to grow.  Your muscles grow during the rest periods and not while you are working out at the gym.  There are small microscopic tears that happen to muscles during high intensity work outs and these muscles begin to rebuild themselves during the following rest period.  This is one of the reasons people feel sore after a nice workout.

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    There are supplements you can use to build up your muscles stronger and quicker after a workout.  Your body uses proteins to build up your muscles, so there are powders designed especially for that, or drinking milk is just as good to reduce recovery time.

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