Why is it important to buy green products that are certified by a third-party organization?

Shouldn’t I trust the label, if it says it is green that probably mean it is, right?



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    Having a third party involved in creating green labels for products allows for a uniform standard of guidelines and requirements to certify a product as “green”. Unfortunately some companies use green labels because they know that there is a market for green products and will put a green label on a product to attract more green consumers. A company may label their product as environmentally safe because it is “all natural”, while in fact the product they are selling was grown with pesticides and chemically based fertilizers. Another company may put a green label on their product claiming the packaging is from recycled sources, while actually only 5 percent of the packaging is from recycled sources the other 95 percent from virgin sources. Having a third party create a green labeling system allows consumers to have a guideline that rates all products using the same baseline for information.

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    You shouldn’t just trust the label. It is the same with health claims on food. You shouldn’t just assume that they are not trying to trick you. Being certified by a third-party at least gives some semblance of authenticity. That third-party organization would need to build up a good reputation for me to really trust it. It also helps keep people from becoming confused if everyone started putting out their own “standards.”

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