Why is it important to buy American?



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    It stimulates the economy and helps create work for Americans.  It can also be more environmentally sound IF the product in question was manufactured in America and sourced its constituent parts in America.  An American-built product isn’t eco-friendly if its metals and plastics came from a country half-way around the world, were shipped to anothe country for partial assembly, and came to America for final assemply. 

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    Products made within the U.S. are subject to U.S. rules and regulations, including child labor laws, minimage wage laws and air and water quality laws. In comparison to some countries, the U.S. has much more stringent environmental and labor laws.

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    I do not necessarily believe it is good to ALWAYS buy American. America is lagging behind in some ways even China in terms of environmental practices of use of alternative energy sources. China is using alternative energy for economic purposes only, but it is still doing so. If American industry changes its ways and gets off big-oil, than I suggest 100% to buy American. However, at the present moment it does not seem like we are moving anywhere too fast.  

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