Why is it important for Americans to live a more sustainable life?



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    I believe that not only americans but everyone should lead a more sustainable life. I think that it has taken America a little bit longer to hop on the “green” bandwagon and that in other countries such as Australia Environmentalism has been the major agenda in politics for a long time. I think we are still seeing a shift from it being trendy to ‘go green’ to actually seeing the benefits, but regardless, we all need to live by example and the message will trickle down to those countries that are not yet playing an active role. I also think it reflects greatly on our country that we are trying so hard to make initiatives to change.

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    As Americans we are the largest consumers. Thats seems to be the American lifestyle. The importance of being sustainable is to acknowledge what we are, and that to continue living the way we are comfortable with, that we need to make changes that will actually benefit the environment instead of destroying it.

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