Why is it important for America to have a green economy?



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     It is not only important for America to have a green economy to save the intrinsic value of nature and various species. American can regain much of its lost supremacy throughout the world if it develops a large green economy. For instance, jobs that were lost in this past financial meltdown can be converted into manufacturing green products. Exports are what usually lead to a healthy economy and this can be down if we develop a green economy. Having a green economy also clearly gets rid of dependance on other nations for energy. 

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    Strength as a nation, like slitwac1 said (dependence from energy) but also funding the preservation of our resources and using them wisely will lead us into a full-cycle of efficiency.  That leads to more for everyone- more jobs, more of -whatever it is- to be shared amongst the masses (instead of selective few) more healthy individuals, more respect (globally) and arguably more happiness.  By establishing a successful green economy, we can lower the cost of green living by principal of supply and demand.

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