Why is it illegal to have pitbulls in some cities?



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    It is a growing trend to enact breed specific bans in many major cities.  In my hometown of Denver Colorado, pitbulls are the only breed banned.  Other cities include Stadfordshire Terriers and American Bulldogs to the list.  The goal of breed specific bans, is to reduce the population of, “dangerous breeds” by limiting breeding and new ownership.  The argument for the law is that pitbulls are able to inflict more bite damage causing severe injury to victims.  There is also an argument that pitbulls have a genetic predisposition to attack.  I think that it is much more likely that municipalities are outlawing these breeds because of their association with gang activity.  The public safety issue is likely just ancillary to gang prevention.  

    Personally, I once owned a brindle colored pitbull mix named, “Kai” from the humane society.  She was literally the nicest dog I have ever been around.  She was always smiling and licking your hand etc. In contrast, a cute little Beagle I owned bit several people over the course of it’s life.  This is all quite anecdotal, but I think it illustrates how dogs have there own personalities and how genetics are not always determinative of behavior.  

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    I currently own a petite Pitbull named Greta and she is a sweetheart.  Despite her puppy antics of getting into the garbage and stealing my socks, she is a wonderful dog.  Pitbulls can and are trained to fight and because of the horror stories in the news about them many people are led to believe that all Pitbulls are agressive.  However, if you read the article I listed below you can see that in the past, Pitbulls were considered “nanny dogs.”  The ehow article has a list of the most agressive dogs and the Pitbull is not listed, however small dogs like the Chihuahua and Dachshund are.  It makes you wonder why those dogs are illegal to own in certain cities.

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