Why is it a good thing to legalize marijuana?



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    Your question usually gets mixed reactions from different people. For some, it has more pros than cons whereas for others it’s vice-versa. But since you specifically asked for the pros of legalizing marijuana, here are some:

    • Legalizing marijuana would for sure bring in a lot of revenue. According to estimates made by authorities from California, a year’s worth of marijuana sales in the state could be worth at least 14 billion dollars!
    • Legalizing marjuana would take away the need to have underground providers, eliminating related criminal activities.
    • It has significant medical purposes, including its ability to alleviate chronic pain, sometimes more effectively than opoids.
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    One argument is that legal marijuana sales and cultivation would weaken illegal drug cartels and the black market.

    Another argument is that if it were legalized and regulated by the government, marijuana could be taxed and raise revenue. Government oversight could result in quality control, much like the FDA.

    One could also argue that it would stimulate local economies, much like wine tasting tours in wine country.

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    Hemp is currently illegal because of it’s resemblance to marijuana. It’s tough fibers are useful for making rope, insulation, concrete, paper, fabric, and bio-fuels. Plus it grows very easily which means that it’s efficient to produce products with hemp.

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    Media and government influence and propaganda (i.e. the film Reefer Madness) did much to alter the perception of marijuana and those that used it. And while the drug does have negative aspects such as addictiveness, lethargy, and lung damage, the positive aspects of marijuana in some opinions override these cons.

    The truth is, people are being arrested, deported, and even dying in attempts to bring marijuana into this country and of course attempts to sell it. Young males (primarily African-American) are being arrested for marijuana possession and later become repeat offenders, which only adds to the cycle of violence and poverty. If marijuana was legalized, the government could regulate it, making it safer to use and tax it which would increase revenue.

     In 2009, 16.7 million people ages 12 and up smoked marijuana at least once. This is an increase from 2002 to 2008, and I’m sure the percentage has increased since then, especially now that children as young as 12 have already tried the drug. Marijuana has several medicinal purposes and coupled with its rampant leisurely use, I’d say it may be time to consider legalization or some alternate methods for regulation.

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    Another good reason to legalize marijuana is that the FDA could monitor the quality of marijuana. Because it is currently illegal, many users are exposed to harmful chemicals and are unable to sue for product liability. FDA regulation would ensure that users would not be exposed to dangerous chemicals or other pollutants.

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    A couple more positive effects of legalizing marijuana would be to lessen the environmental damage and excess energy use that results from clandestine growing operations. Environmental damage has been occurring in U.S. national forest lands when growing operations leave behind pesticides, trash, and human waste. And with legalization, growers would be able to grow marijuana plants outdoors, eliminating the use of high-energy consumption light bulbs.

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