Why is it difficult to dispose medical waste?



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    Medical waste disposal is difficult in that it is a highly regulated process, because of the dangers irresponsible disposal can cause.  At least 10 to 15% of medical waste in the U.S. is estimated to be “infectious.”  Medical waste can include syringes, blood stained items or items contaminated with other bodily liquids.  All of these can potentially be carrying pathogens (if someone’s seeking conventional medical treatment, it’s probably because they’re not well) which can easily spread to other people directly (for example, trash collectors) or get into the environment and then spread to others indirectly.  This is especially a big problem in countries that don’t have enforced medical waste disposal regulations and highly concentrated populations.   In India medical waste is being buried with regular waste in shallow landfills.  Later dogs and pigs looking for food dig it up, become infected, and carry pathogens back into villages.  

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