Why is it dangerous to swim in the ocean after it rains?



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    My best guess: it is dangerous to swim in the ocean after it rains–particularly on coastlines near major cities–because the runoff from drains and sewers can overflow (or even directly flow, untreated) into the water, and heavy rains therefore can send huge amounts of polluted runoff into the coastal waters.

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    It is dangerous to swim in the ocean after it rains because there will be greater erosion and debris carried into the ocean by increased flow in rivers. Therefore, you will be swimming in water that contains a large amount of soil sediments, rocks, plant debris, and garbage from urban runoff. Additionally, increased river flow will create greater offshore currents as rivers enter the ocean and therefore it is possible that you could get carried offshore.

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    One of the biggest dangers of swimming in the ocean after it rains is due to run-off from nearby cities and farms.  The runoff can not only come from local sewers, but also from chemical and manufacturing plants.  Additionally runoff from farms can include untreated animal waste and fertilyzers.   These have very high concentrations of nitrogen and phosphorus and can result in a process that causes a higher growth of certain plants and when they grow, die and decay , they actually lower the oxygen content in the water.  For someone swimming there is a danger not only from large debris carried into the ocean itself that someone may be directly injured by, but there are also increased cases of eye infections and skin rashes from the runoff as well.

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