Why is it dangerous to scratch a Teflon pan?



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    Scratching a teflon pan isn’t necessarily dangerous – if you are afraid of it mixing with your food, it’s not poisonous.  The chemical is not reactive, so if you eat it, it will travel through your body without being absorbed.

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    The nonstick coating on a Teflon pan “has been found to release one or more of 15 different toxic gases when heated to certain temperatures”. When heated above 680 degrees Fahrenheit, the pan becomes dangerous, and the chemicals can cause “Teflon flu”. The chemicals releases are also associated with certain cancers.

    However, scratching the pan is relatively harmless. The flakes of the Teflon coating are inert and do not release toxic gases when not heated above 680 degrees Fahrenheit. I, personally, wouldn’t reccommend purposefully ingesting Teflon coating, but accidentally scratching the pan and getting small flakes in your food isn’t really harmful.

    Remember not to use metal utensils with your Teflon pan! It scratches easily with metal.

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