why is it better for the environment to eat some fish but not others?



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    Generally, fish provide a high protein meal with many vitamins that are valuable to human wellness. Presently, many species are being fished unsustainably. This means that more fish are being removed from the sea than can be produced. Some fish that may soon be at risk of extinction are: Atlantic Cod and Salmon, Chilean Seabass, Dogfish, European Hake and Seabass, Grouper, Haddock, Ling, Marlin, Monkfish,  North Atlantic Halibut, Orange Roughy, Shark, Skates and Rays, Snapper, Sturgeon, Swordfish, Tuna, and warm-water or tropical prawns. The exception to this avoidances is if the fish are responsibly caught and collected by dophin safe means. Many fishermen use unsafe fishing practices that kill dophins, turtles, and other sealife while catching fish.

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    Overfishing is often a cause of depletion of certain species of fish. Certain fish that may be more popular tend to face this problem because super markets and restaurants want to carry what people know and what they want to buy. While overfishing can cause depletion of certain fish, many people also do not realize that like most other foods, fish have seasons that they should be caught and eaten. Fish have migration patterns based on the seasons and water temperatures that allow them to spawn in the correct environment. If fish are taken out of their habitats while they are in transition or while they are spawning the species can be put in danger. Being conscious of what fish to eat when is an important factor to consider when grocery shopping or eating out. See the attached link for a great chart of fish seasonality.

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