Why is it bad to eat dairy?



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    It isn’t bad to eat dairy.  It contains healthy protein, calcium, and other important minerals that your body needs to function.  However, many people choose to avoid dairy because of its usually high fat content, cholesterol, and high amount of calories.  Some people also have trouble digesting dairy, leaving them with stomach aches and indigestion.  Depending on where your milk is from, it can also have traces of hormones in it, that were given to the cows it was milked from.  

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    It can be rough on your digestive system, depending on your primary diet.  For example, if you’ve been eating dairy for a while, you probably won’t feel any effects, but if you’ve avoided it for a while, you might develop an allergic reaction.  This happens a lot with vegans who go back to vegetarianism.  Dairy is also high in fat and cholesterol, which is why some people also avoid it.

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    For some people, it can be bad to eat dairy – especially if they are lactose intolerant.  For a while, it was debated that the hormones injected into cows was passed down through the milk and caused problems for the people drinking it.  This problem has been avoided, however, with new technological safeguards and organic brands that use no hormones at all.  Other than that, dairy is a good source of calcium and protein as long as you aren’t allergic to it. 

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    One problem that a lot of people see with dairy is that the cows are abused, pumped with antibiotics to keep them alive in the horrific conditions they face, and are pumped with hormones to make them grow faster and produce more milk, and in most cases the dairy industry supports the veal industry (because cows produce milk when they are pregnant) 

    There are things you can do though,  support organic food, or support groups like The Food Animal Concerns Trust, which strives for safe, cruelty free meat for all! Below is a link for you to check out! sign the petition, and learn more! 

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