Why isn’t there more news about the state of the environment on CNN and other big news channels?



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    Some of the big news channels, Fox News most notably, have a conservative agenda and don’t cover progressive issues such as environmentalism in a positive light. Call me a cynic, but I think many mainstream media news outlets receive a lot of money from big corporations in the form of advertising dollars and don’t want to alienate them by pointing out how much those industries pollute and damage the environment.

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    The major news venues operate on new news, headline news, and news that most people want to see. Unfortunately, not all that much changes in environmental news. The Earth keeps warming, species are still endangered, etc. The same thing goes for war news, it is ongoing but we only hear about it when there is a large explosion or a bunch of people die. There are venues for people actively seeking environmental news, however, until the mass media changes their approach to what and how they present news, which will only change when people change their preference for the type of news they want to see, we will not see much environmental news.

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    Right. Even now that being green and environmental awareness is a trendy cause, it still doesn’t have that urgency that newsworthy issues need to have. What would these headlines be? “GLOBE STILL WARMING” “STUDIES SHOW: POLLUTION IS BAD” (I’m thinking like an Onion headline now).

    CNN and mainstream news cover breaking news and ongoing drama (and they do it REPETETIVELY…like if you watch CNN for more than 15 minutes, you’ll see the same things over and over again. I have to conclude that this is because these outlets are designed for people who don’t watch for very long, or who catch the news real quick in the morning before they go to work…that kind of thing).

    As other people have mentioned, there ARE well established sources for environmental news, and we need only google them.

    Also, the economy is such a huge story that…who has time for anything else?

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