why isn’t “save the frogs” on this page?

frogs are a ‘bellweather’ species, and the fact that they are in critical danger worldwide mean that the sensitive wetland habitats, crucial to water quality and all life, are also in trouble, and we need to figure this out fast. by saving the frogs, this group helps save the world



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    This article isn’t an exhaustive list; rather, it is a few of the author’s favorite groups. 

    Otherwise, though, Save the Frogs looks pretty neat.  It was started in 2008 and is the only public charity dedicated to amphiibians.  Their website has a variety of suggestions about helping the amphibians, from simply not dissecting them to building a frog pond.

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    Like I mentioned in my blog post, and like Ashleigh pointed out, the blog wasn’t meant to list all the great small environmental groups that exist. To create such a list would be highly difficult (if not near impossible), and probably highly boring for the reader too. Instead of undertaking such a task, I chose to focus on a short list to better explain the groups, and to perhaps have them serve as examples of small organizations that can make a big difference.

    I agree that Save the Frogs is a great organization, and I think it’s another example of a small group than can really have a significant impact on the world. In no way was I trying to downplay the importance of frogs. Since you seem passionate about this group, I would advise you to continue to advocate it.

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      no criticism implied, just wanted to add to a great idea of highlighting the small groups out there doing good work. this model of questions and answers is a great model!

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