Why isn’t the government more aggressive in going after companies that harm the environment?



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    It is the job of the EPA to protect the environment through the government. Problem is, there aren’t actually a lot of regulations and laws in relation to harm caused to the environment. There are a large number of regulations and laws in relation to animals, but the environment in general seems to be a slow process. The problem is most likely just the lack of laws and regulations, though there are new ones that come into effect often.

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    There are many ways a company can be harmful to the environment without breaking any laws.  The EPA can only enforce the laws which are in place.  Also, There are many necessary business practices which harm the environment such as shipping and agriculture.  Our government is not willing to lose all economic viability in order to protect the environment.  The laws that are in place restrict businesses from unnecessarily producing excess pollution, when there is a more eco-friendly practices available for completing the same job.  When nearly all business causes damage to the environment, it would be impossible for our government to punish everyone.

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    Many more regulations have come into law or are in the works regarding environmental protection, but like the other mentioned, it’s a fine line to walk with protecting the environment and being competitive in the marketplace. In fact, BP was fined close to $25 million for their “mishap” in 2006, and some are speculating fines up to $20 billion for the now infamous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. Although it is the EPA’s job to account for these kind of things, they are still a government agency, and are susceptible to bureaucracy as much as any other. Red tape and just general government procedure can always halt things up. Perhaps laws will be changed to better go after companies, and more importantly employed better preventative measures.

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