why isn’t BP cleaning up oil from 1 foot under the sand on our beaches?

Bp layed off oil crews saying our beaches were clear and clean – workers told me that the oil is at least 1 foot under the sand all over the beach — where will the oil left on our beaches go and what are the long term effects of them leaving all this oil under the sand on our beaches?



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    Like I noted in my answer to your other question, it was only very recently discovered that, in some areas, tides have washed sand over oil on the beach, thus covering it. If it is left there, the environmental results would be devastating. BP is, at this point, extremely concerned about image, and are trying to aesthetically improve beaches as quickly as possible, which leads to negligence

    In addition to the people I suggested you contact at your other question, you might want to get in touch with the University of South Florida. They have been leading the field in research of oil left under sand, and might be interested in helping or researching your situation.

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