Why is iron so important to the human body?



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    Iron is important because:

    1. It lives in red blood cells which carry oxygen from the lungs to all other majors parts of the body.  Oxygen is essential to our well being, most importantly because it is the substances we breathe to keep us alive. 
    2. It is responsible for the development and growth of a fetus while in the mother’s belly.  Women tend to lose more iron than men do but this mineral is essential during pregnancy because of the significant role it plays in helping the baby to develop. 
    3. It helps to protect the body from disease.  Iron plays a major role in the manufacturing of white blood cells which help to protect the body from bad bacteria and free radicals. 
    4. It aids in the appropriate intake and use of vitamin B.
    5. Many other body parts and organs (the liver and cell growth specifically) depend on the presence of iron in order to function properly, therefore it is a key player in keeping the overall body healthy and well. 
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    Iron is very important to the body because it is necessary for red blood cell oxygenation.  Iron binds with oxygen on a cellular level in the lungs and carries the oxygen to other parts of your body.  If your diet is iron deficient your cells will have difficulty “breathing”.  This is why many people will feel very tired if they don’t get enough iron in their diet.

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