Why is international shipping such a problem for the environment?



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    It all has to do with fuel. When transporting something internationally, you usually have to travel across water. Most of the time, your package will travel by air. Airplanes take a lot of fuel to operate and send off a large amount of emissions (think green houses gases!). When you ship by sea, there is oil used in transport as well the ships themselves being bad for the oceans. 

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    I agree with the above answer. While cars and trucks are responsible for most of the greenhouse gases released into the air, ships and airplanes are producing much of the pollution. There is a difference between GHGs and pollution; GHGs are natural gases that are good in normal amounts, pollution is unnatural and bad no matter what.

    The 15 largest ships in the world make as much pollution (read: sulfur and other particles that cause problems like acid rain) as ALL of the worlds cars!

    The reason is that ships use the lowest quality fuel available, the stuff that is rejected for use in cars and planes. This means that it has a much higher concentration of polluting particles than the gas we are used to.

    Airplanes make less pollution but are much less efficient than ships. It takes much more energy to fly than float. Plus, because airplanes fly in the upper atmosphere, the greenhouse gases are already where they do the most heat-trapping.

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