Why is india so overpopulated?



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    Religion and illiteracy affect the out-of-control population growth in India.  The orthodox sect of Hinduism considers children to be a gift from god which prevents most practice-rs from avoiding pregnancies or keeping family sizes in check.  The high number of illiterate and poor citizens of India produce the majority of child births.  This fact, in conjunction with India’s bettering health care system means not only are more babies being born, but infant mortality rates are low.

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    As andyyeah said, literacy is definitely a problem in India which leads people to only be able to acquire low paying and unstable work.  Unfortunately there is an inverse relationship with low income and # of children in that the lower the income of a family, the more children they have.  Because illiteracy is such a widespread problem in India, there are many families who have many children, therefore contributing to the overall population problem. 

    In addition there is a strong desire for male children, as female children are considered a liability in India so often times families will continue to have children until they have produce a baby boy. 

    What’s more is that children are also thought of as being able to produce for the family (almost like employees for a company) so the more children a family has, the more

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    It’s also very hard for many people in India to access birth control (probably in part for the attitudes towards family mentioned above).  In 1999, The Earth Times reported that 30 million people in India wanted birth control but said they had no way of accessing it.   

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    This is my answer to the duplicate question and the link is at the bottom:

    In places like America, children are an expense, costing over a quarter of a million dollars (and that is without college expenses).

    In poor regions, children are assets and sometimes seen as commodities. Sure, they have to be fed (50% in india are malnourished) but you can put them to work at a very early age because despite regulations and “laws”, people still allow children to work. Familys also sometimes sell off their sons to richer families looking to adopt or other reasons. The girls? Well, they are not as profitable, hence 11 million abandoned children living in India.

    There is a high demand for boys and girls are seen as almost worthless (I think because the girls parents have to pay for the wedding). Poor people receive very little education and only see one way out of their poverty situation, and that is to have as many boys as possible to increase the chances of success and salvation. Children can be put to work or sold off, and abandoned.

    Really sad.

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