Why is the increase in GM foods also causing an increase in pesticide use?



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    Genetically modified foods are usually created to stave off a certain pest, make the crop grow quicker, more harder or more productive. Some however, are developed to be herbicide resistant (Round-up ready type plants) which allows farmers to plant the seeds and spray the fields with more herbicides that will kill off any weeds but leave the desired plant intact. Bacillus thuringiensis (bt) GM plants, which have a gene from an insect-killing bacteria, have reduced the use of insecticide for bt cotton plantings, but perhaps not for bt corn. The use of bt in plants is extremely controversial to the organic and natural farming communities because they use the BT as a natural pesticide, which quickly dissipates. The fear is that with bt in a plant’s genes, insects could adapt and become resistant to bt. Which would make everyone use more, deadlier insecticides.

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