Why is hydrofracking so dangerous?



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    It isn’t necessarily dangerous at all. The technique has been used for 60 years with no huge problems. There is definitely potential danger in that fractured rocks can allow the fracturing materials and chemicals to reach aquifers used for water supplies. Whether this happens on a large scale and routinely is still somewhat debated.

    Many previous answers here if you search green answers for fracking. One in the link.

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    I have to disagree with rigibson. Fracking is poisoning well water that humans and livestock drink and leading to many other health problems in the areas where fracking is being done.  

    The fluid that is used to frack wells is a proprietary; the chemicals are being used (and there concentrations) are unknown, even by the EPA.  According to the Newsweek artlcle linked below “Prolonged exposure [to fracking fluid] can cause kidney and liver damage, irritate lung tissue, decrease blood pressure, and result in dizziness and vomiting—…”

    Health complaints in areas where fracking is occurring range from stomach and respiratory illnesses, to renal fatigue, to neurological disorders.

    See the Newsweek article below for the account of an emergency room nurse who treated a worker who was caught in a fracking fluid spill.


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