Why is hunting important for the environment?



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    Hunting can control an overpopulation of certain kinds of animals, like deer and elk. Deer do not have very many natural predators, and the natural predators they do have aren’t a large enough population to control the deer. Deer can destroy crops and landscaping, cause car accidents, and transmit Lyme disease. There have been reports of elk badly destroying the vegetation in national parks. Hunting these animals for a useful and intended purpose, such as meat, can control an unchecked population while turning the animal’s death into something good, like a meal. Obviously, though, hunting rare animals or animals that are not overpopulated can have a drastic, negative effect on the environment. 

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    Aside from the benefits of population control, taxes on the sale of hunting tags, licenses and stamps make up the primary source of funding for most state wildlife conservation efforts.

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    Controlled hunting and trapping can control a population of wildlife in an area. This is beneficial if that species causes property damage. Overpopulation of a species can also transmit disease, which poses a danger to humans and other wildlife. Thirdly, controlling overpopulation can stabilize an ecosystem; when one species becomes too common, this can threaten the stability of other species through predation or competition for food. Controlled hunting of predators can also be used to defend certain endangered species. The link below advocates fur use and trade, which I know is controversial, but offers some good information on what overpopulation can do to a town or ecosystem.

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    Hunting is not only important to control wildlife but to supply meat that isnt farmed. Most people seem to forget that most of the animals hunted for sport or pest control are also very tasty, heathy and useful meats. Think how much greener it is eating a wild rabbit then a farmed cow or chicken.

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