Why is having a slower paced lifestyle more green?



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    Rapid paced lifestyles are often accompanied by buying many unneeded goods and doing many things that do not need to be done. Additionally, one may often consume more energy. Slower paced people often think about their actions and the goods they need before they buy them. They essentially think before they act!

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    With a fast-paced lifestyle, everything else has to be fast. Here are some examples: quick-fixes for food= fast food, quick fixes for plant pests= pesticides, quick fixes for large scale beef or poultry farms= raising a ton at a time, in small areas with cheap food, antibiotics so they don’t transmit diseases to each other, and hormones to make them grow faster. By “slowing down,” you could be taking advantage of sustainable options, finding green ways to deal with problems that you would normally use a harmful mass produced product to fix, etc. 

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    When we think fast-paced lifestyle, we think big, fast cars, connected to the internet every hour of every day, twitter, facebook, eating lavishly, no time to recycle and make conscious decisions about what we buy and we throw away.  We think about quick travel, big houses, multiple properties, multiple vehicles, excess excess excess…  If you live a fast paced lifestyle there is very little time to think about your decisions, to think about how your daily actions may affect the world around you.  The opposite of all the things listed here can be said for a slower paced lifestyle.  

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    There are a lot of generalizations going on here.

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    Nature does not run on time. The reason why our lifestyle in the cities is so fast-paced is because everyday we are living under a schedule. We have to be there at a certain time. We have to finish something by a certain time. There’s a holiday in so many days. Weekend is in three days, etc… Everything we do and experienced is measured against time. With the internet is becoming more and more necessary part of our lives, things are measured by the seconds. Everyone striving to get things done faster and faster to meet the demand. Time is money! Because of this, we are always racing against the clock. When you have a greener lifestyle, hopefully one that is closer physically and spiritually to nature, you are not racing against an artificial thing, which is time. Your sense of time is not a number. You eat when you are hungry. You wake up when you feel rested. You take the time to appreciate the nature around you more as you go about your day. Walking, the greenest form of transportation is slower. You cook from scratch instead of eating from a fast food restuarant. You do outdoor activities for fun, which is not segmented by time like a tv show or sporting event. 

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