Why is having a lot of vitamin C in your diet good for your health?



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    Recent studies show that vitamin C is beneficial to people whose immune systems are weakened by stress. There is also evidence that shows that vitamin C is useful to take when sick with a cold or the flu because it reduces the risk of further complications. A recent study by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that those people with a higher concentrated level of vitamin C in their blood were 42% less likely to have a stroke. Vitamin C is also known to prevent wrinkles and a more aged appearance. In addition, vitamin C protects against damage from free radicals that can build up and contribute to health conditions such as cancer.

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    Vitamin C is important because it helps form cartilage, teeth, and bones.  It also helps heal wounds.  There is still controversy as to whether or not it prevents illness or shortens the length of colds.  It may be able to help depending on the person, the amount taken, and when intake began in relation to the start of cold symptoms. 

    Don’t take too much though; it may raise your risk of kidney stones, anemia, or reduce your B12 levels.

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