Why is having fluoride in our tap water a good or bad thing?



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    It’s a good thing, because it attaches to your teeth and prevents cavities. That’s the reason why it is added to tap water and why it is in so many dental products.

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    Fluoride helps prevent tooth decay.  It prevents the acid (from plaque) from demineralizing tooth enamel, and allows teeth that have been damaged by this acid to remineralize themselves.  The optimal levels of fluoride in water are 0.7 to 1.2 ppm.

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    According to the World Health Organization, excessive amounts of fluoride in drinking water is highly undesirable.  While small amounts can benefit teeth, an unhealthy amount of fluoride can result in dental fluorisis and skeletal fluorisis.

    This Web site, though, suggests that the removal of fluoride is an expensive process, which might be why some say that the presence of fluoride is a good thing — money doesn’t have to be spent to eradicate its presence.  (http://www.fluorideinfo.org/)


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