Why haven’t we found out how to get salt out of water yet?



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    Actually, we do have the technology to get salt out of water–reverse osmosis (RO) desalination. Reverse osmosis is basically a filtration process that removes large molecules from water by sending the saline water through a membrane. The membrane allows water molecules to permeate it, while catching the salt. For more information about the steps in RO desalination, you can visit this page.

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    Many water companies are currently using modern desalination methods to transform seawater into potable (drinking) water.

    Traditional methods use nanofiltation with 1 permeable membrane that typically removes all but 12% of the small salt molecules. The water is pumped through the nanofiltration membrane at high pressures to remove the ions.

    More modern nanofiltration methods implement a second step to this traditional method that involves a second membrane. The treated water is pumped through the second nanofiltration membrane at low pressures, and comes out clean enough to drink!

    See the Long Beach Water Department for an example of how they do it: http://www.lbwater.org/pdf/desal_lbmethod.pdf 

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