Why haven’t scientists been able to cure the “common cold?”



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    The cold is caused by a virus. We currently have no medication that can stop a virus, because technically a virus cannot be killed. Viruses are not living creatures like bacteria. They are segments of rogue DNA or RNA with a protein coating that just replicate. They are not even single celled organisms. In order for something to be considered living, it has to fulfill all of the following characteristics. It must: Reproduce, Obtain and use energy, grow develop and die, and respond to the environment. Viruses do evolve over time and adapt the their environment, however, they cannot use their own DNA/RNA. They have to invade another creatures cell in order to reproduce. They also do not grow or eat food. So since Viruses are technically not living, they cannot be killed. 

    HIV is also a virus, which is why we cannot cure it. We can however deal with the symptoms of a cold.

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    The common cold is primarily hard to cure because there are so many different strains of the common cold that will cause the inflammatory immune response that we are all so familiar with-runny nose, cough, aches and pains, and fever. Thus, it is the immune response itself that is the culprit behind common cold symptoms and not the virus itself. Also, since there are so many different kinds of colds out there, it is hard to manufacture one wonder drug to treat every symptom per virus.

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