Why haven’t scanners replaced fax machines to save paper?



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    Well, one thing I consider is why someone might use a fax when they could use a scanner.  For some documents, you need to have a printed copy, like a lease or a property deed.  So if I am a landlord, and I need my tenant to have a copy of their lease, I might scan in the lease, convert it to a pdf, and send them an email, then when they got it they would have to print it out if they wanted a hard copy (which is a good thing to have for legal documents).  OR, I could just fax it to them, and it prints automatically.  Granted, it’s protocol to use a fax cover sheet, which does increase the amount of paper used, but it’s not actually necessary to use one.  In addition, the minute a document is digitized it has the potential to be Photoshopped (so someone could, say, forge a signature on it), and so keeping a document travelling via fax, rather than computer, hypothetically makes it a little more secure.

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