Why have white rhinos gone nearly extinct?



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    There are two species of white rhinos. The Southern White Rhino is in fact the most common species of rhino in the world. The Northern White Rhino is the one that is nearly extinct, and may be completely extinct at this point due to poachers.

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    Every species of rhino is endangered, white rhinos, like the others, have been pushed almost into extinction.  Illegal Asian trade has caused the slaughter of “at least 60,000” of the overall rhino population.  The reason for this is that in tradition medicine in Asia, rhino horns have been made into a powder used for treatments of many ailments.  In the Mideast, the horns are often used to decorate dagger handles.  The lust for the horns has caused poaching of rhinos to occur even in zoos and national parks. 

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