why have there been sudden bird and fish deaths world wide and are they related?

there have been bird deaths in Arkansas, , Sweden, and Baton Rouge, La, and dead fish in New Zealand (snappers), and 2 million estimated fish dead in the Chesapeake bay area.



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    One theory of this is that an oddity in the Earth’s magnetic fields could be causing the sudden bird and fish deaths.  Scientists in Germany have researched that birds might have an ability to see the polarized electricity of the North and South Poles in their right eye, and are able to use that sight in order to navigate properly.  As far as the fish die-offs, this is still unknown, and could be an unrelated matter.

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    The article cited in the other answer [android’s] takes some facts — including the long-known fact that several species, including homing pigeons, dolphins, and honeybees, can sense the earth’s magnetic field — and conflates that fact with others to conclude in a headline saying “Could the Earth’s magnetic fields be causing the recent die-off of thousands of birds and fish? Scientists believe so, along with environmental imbalances.”

    This is not true. The cited article does not reference any scientists who say so (because none do), but instead makes the whole thing up using unrelated facts.

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      So the biologist Dominik Heyes from the University of Oldenburg is not a scientist? There has been new research that reveals receptors in the right eye of birds, and explains the fact that they are not using just an internal “compass” as much as they are able to see the magnetic field. This more so explains why most birds can survive by being blinded in the right eye until winter, where they lose track so very easily from their flight path to the south. Do not vote my answer down, and state unrealistic claims in the future. Especially in cases (such as this case) where you have no citations whatsoever to disprove my answer, and have absolutely nothing but your clearly uneducated opinion. Since you clearly do not do any actual investigation, and never cite any of your answers at all, let me give you more citations to study. Maybe you will think before you act next time. Thank you:



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      It is well known that birds and other animals sense the magnetic field. The fascinating work by Dominik Heyers was published in 2007 and can not be based on the recent animal deaths; his work (I read the original 2007 paper http://www.plosone.org/article/info:doi/10.1371/journal.pone.0000937) made no mention at all of deaths in the animals sensing the magnetic field. The only one that does that is the author of the suite101 article, concluding “So it is entirely possible that some of the recent deaths of not only fish, but sea animals like starfish and dolphins are due to changes in the Earth’s magnetic fields.” There is nothing cited, nothing at all in the suite101 article to support that. It is 100% speculation by the author, yet she puts it in the sub-head that “scientists believe” the magnetic field is causing the recent die-offs, and this statement has been picked up and widely spread. I stand by my statement that no scientists believe that, and that the suite101 article takes good science, makes unfounded links, and arrives at unsupported conclusions. Find someone like Heyers who says that magnetic sensing, whether visually or otherwise, leads to bird deaths (with supporting evidence), and then we might be able to have a discussion.

      As for me, no, I do not research the relationship between the magnetic field and animal behavior. But I have indeed worked with data from the earth’s magnetic field for the past 35 years.

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    First we must acknowledge that mass bird deaths is not an unknown occurrence. USGS records indicate 16 events in the past 30 years where blackbirds died in numbers greater than 1,000, seemingly all at once. But that does not necessarily explain what caused the mass deaths we are seeing globally, with 5,000 birds dead in Arkansas alone. Nor do the records prove that the events have a familiar cause. According to bird experts, disease or starvation are often the culprits of mass bird deaths. Strangely, the birds autopsied in Arkansas show signs of internal trauma, so experts suggest it could be fireworks or lightning. But with multiple cases popping up globally, its no wonder the wild theories are out there.

    The eerie similarity and timing of events in Louisiana, Arkansas, and Sweden have spawned a range of suggestions- from magnetic pole shifts to military poison testing. The reality is that no one knows for sure, and the best we can do is understand the events with a reasonable approach. Its easy to jump on the hype bandwagon, but until we learn more about the natural significance of the phenomenon, and perform more autopsies, we should be hesitant to jump to wild conclusions.

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