Why have scientists criticized the system of certifying fisheries?



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    Fisheries, fish farming, has been an important business for decades. And now, with many natural fish stocks in decline, aquaculture is becoming a much bigger business.

    In that process of growth you can find many of the same controversies affecting other business development, other uses of natural resources, other social concerns.

    There are very serious criticisms of fisheries that center around their use of growth hormones and antibiotics to improve yield. They make the fish bigger, which means the farmers can sell them for more. But they also introduce what are basically unwanted chemicals, which people consume.

    Finally, you need to get completely away from the idea that some people are scientists, and some are not. This is hype coming from the media and from academics, who want to imply that some people’s opinion and thinking is important and relevant, while others’ is not. That’s very important for your question. These days much ecology has become a political football: You buy big players and let them fight it out. One cheap way to claim your players are “big” is to say they are “scientists”. They have a PhD from somewhere? About something? Took years to get their degree, and have never published a paper? No problem! To some people that is still a “scientist”.

    Concentrate on the fishery issues, read sources you feel are reliable, and make decisions for yourself.

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