Why have people started to become a little more weary of algae biofuel?



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    I’d imagine that it’s because algae biofuel isn’t very cost effective, and it uses more energy to make biofuel than it produces at this point. Sometime in the future, when technology is better, it may be a plausible concept, but at this point it’s not entirely useful.

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    I think it’s more because the platforms to produce it haven’t been invested in.  It’s actually incredibly easy to grow, with minimal inputs needed and a seemingly endless list of benefits.  So in a sense, yes it isn’t cost effective yet but I’m not sure I agree that it takes more energy to produce it.  It depends on what we’re adhering energy to.  Algae grows with water and sunlight, basically.  Similar to areas prime for Solar use, it can thrive without much maintenance.  The problem still rests in designated space for it.

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