Why have old shipping containers as housing become more popular?



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    It’s not just shipping containers that have been creatively turned into homes. People are looking for many different uses of old discarded products. School Buses. Jumbo Jets and other structures have become homes.

    Some are known as Earth Ship homes but there are various alternative forms of housing. One of the biggest is the Tiny Home, a term coined in the 1960’s and defined as any house under 500 square feet.

    There are several main reasons why they are becoming so popular.

    1. It’s a ready made structure with 4 walls
    2. It’s affordable…less than $20K versus high priced traditional homes
    3. Easy(ish) to move
    4. Keeps the material out of a landfill
    5. less cost to maintain monthly utilities, etc.
    6. Allows an owner to express creativity and care for the environment

    Those are some of the many motivations in the move towards smaller, sustainable housing.

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