Why hasn’t the United States been back to the moon?



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    Such a project takes a lot of time, as well as money.  President Bush laid out plans for another moon mission during his presidency in 2004, but funding for the “Constellation Project” as it was called, were scrapped in the Obama Administration’s 2011 budget plan.  The President expressed a wish to prioritized NASA’s role in space exploration, and felt another trip to the Moon was not on the top of that list.  Of course a lot of controversy surrounds the Administration’s decision.  Please see the links for more information.

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    Basically, why would we go back (if we truly went there in the first place) if we can’t really do anything? Not to mention the cost! In 2003 dollars, the Apollo mission cost as much as 175 billion. That’s billion with a b! The Obama administration figured a visit to the moon would be superfluous. I can’t say I disagree. I mean, we have tested living situations and bases which could potentially be built on the moon, but if a visit is so expensive, think about how expensive it would be to ship our materials using the solid and liquid fuel we use to power rockets!

    I think when we start using more effective methods of propulsion, costs will go down and maybe then we will be able to think about going back.

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    We really explored all we need to for the Moon in my opinion and if we have the need to explore any further, we can always use robots. The Mars Rover Spirit and Opportunity have roamed Mars for almost 8 years and have collected many samples and run many tests. Using rovers and robots is much more practical since the shuttle doesn’t have to be big enough to hold humans, need life support systems, and need a way to return to Earth safely.

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