Why hasn’t BP plugged the leak yet, and why has it been so long since their last attempt to do so?

Its getting really frustrating that its not fixed yet and doesn’t seem to have any answer to getting it fixed either. I can’t be the only one that is so frustrated. 🙂



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    For starters, engineering has never been conducted at these depths, temperatures, or pressures. Most of what BP has tried so far is experimental and very difficult.

    BP’s first attempt was to turn on the safety valve and shut the well off automatically, however this mechanism failed and is now being considered one of the primary reasons for the spill.

    BP then tried putting a “top hat” over the well which would basically cover the leaking well inside of a room and then suck up the leaking oil onto ships on the surface which would then burn off the well. The first top hat failed to work after crystal like structures called hydrates formed around the edges of the top hat and prevented it from getting a good fit. After making adjustments to the top hat, they were able to successfully retreieve a high percentage of the oil while they drill a relief well.

    What they are now attempting is to drill a “relief well”. The relief well will drill down and next to the primary well, penetrate the well and relieve pressure and then close the well. Reliefs wells have worked countless times in the past, however it will not be completed until sometime in August.

    Here is a video from BP themselves talking about the relief well:




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