Why has the Toyota Prius been so popular since it has come out?



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    The Toyata Prius was the first of its kind to explode out into the international market, bringing an easy answer to the question above in regards to gasoline consuming cars. It has a far better consumption rate (MPG) than all others. What is interesting is that this is the same answer to the question: Why is the Toyota Prius the most popular Hybrid?

    It simply has better mpg than any other hybrid. The closest competitor the Prius has is the Honda Insight. The Prius runs 50 mpg while the Insight gets 45 mpg. Not only this, but the Insight is almost a mirror image of the prius to the point where is dances with copyright infringement.

    People just want to save money; and as more and more Americans are becoming environmentally sensitive, they are opting for the superior car.

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