Why has the population of tigers dropped so much in the last 20 years?



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    There are several reasons for this. Illegal hunting is one of the bigger ones, as tigers are killed for medicinal uses or as pests all over Asia. Weak law enforcement prevents any meaningful stopping of poachers, in those countries which even have bans on hunting tigers. This has for instance reduced the Siberian subspecies of tiger to fewer than 50 individuals alive today–fewer than 20 of those being alive in the wild. This extremely small population also leaves them open to genetic diseases due to increased need to interbreed.  Habitat loss has also limited places in Asia where tigers can even live, as the great cats require large streches of undisturbed wildlands to thrive and those are quickly shrinking due to development in one of the most densely populated parts of the world.

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    Tiger poaching has increased greatly over the last few years.  Some cultures believe that they possess healing powers, and various parts of tigers can command large sums on black markets.  Their skins are also prized.

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