Why has over fishing become such a big problem?



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    Overfishing is a major problem for our world for two reasons.  First, the overexploitation of certain species of fish not only leads to the collapse of that species’s population, but can also affect the populations of those animals higher up on the food chain who rely on a constant supply of that species for their survival.  The second major problem is that if a fish population collapses, then so will the fishing industry that depends on it, as happened in Newfoundland in the early 90s.  The most likely reason for why this problem has gotten so far out of control is that it frequently takes years for the negative effects of overfishing to be seen, and for that reason the regulations imposed are often too little too late.  Unlike land and air animals, fish are not something we as humans encounter on a regular basis, so it’s not surprising that we haven’t noticed them disappearing.  Moreover, advances in technology in the fishing industry (such as radar tracking) have allowed fishermen to more effectively exploit the fish population without giving it time to replenish itself.

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