Why has no one proposed nationwide abandonment of residential lawns?

Considering that residential lawns are an environmental atrocity in multiple ways, why hasn’t anyone proposed a nationwide movement to let them grow wild? Basically ask everyone to stop cutting, stop watering, stop fertilizing, and stop applying pesticides. Let nature take over. Let the best-adapted species survive. Even if only a small percentage of homeowners did so initially, the environmental benefits would be tremendous.



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    Frankly, I believe it is because people view their perfect green lawns as a sign of status and wealth in American culture. If you don’t have a perfect green lawn, people will automatically assume that you’re poor or lazy, among other things. Because your lawn is assumed to reflect your character, it is probably not a good idea to advocate that everyone should let nature take over their yards. A better idea is to encourage planting native plants in yards so people can still maintain their yards with a smaller impact on the environment.

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    I agree with the author above.  To add on to it, grass, or “lawn”, became a status symbol long before the colonists came over here.  Grass works well with almost constant fog or moisture in the air, thus it is relatively easy to maintain in areas like Great Britain.  (apply this theory to roses as well)

    To get to the point of the question:  Pressure will be, and has been, put onto strict regulations in regions where water is scarce first.  One thought is not necessarily to ban landscaping water use completely, but maybe start with requiring the use of greywater, or recycled water, use only.

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