Why has it been so cold lately?



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    Because it’s winter.  The U.S., UK and Siberia have been especially cold this winter, while Alaska, the Mediterranean and Canada have been warmer than usual.  Climate change skeptics say this winter is a rebuttal to a theory of global warming, but the general trend toward a warmer planet does not preclude cold spells.  Extremes still happen.  Christopher Monckton, former advisor to Margaret Thatcher and critic (or “nonconformist”) of climate change, said, “Yes, the temptation of course is to get excited and say this proves the alarmists wrong. But a single extreme weather event in either direction does not prove anything.”

    We know that CO2 can increase the temperature of the globe.  It is just a question of how much.  Meanwhile, summers won’t be consistently hotter and winters less bitter and snowy every single year. 

    As for where specifically the cold is coming from, the answer seems to be the cold Arctic air blowing down from Canada.


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