Why has the flow of fresh water into the sea increased?



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    It hasn’t, necessarily.  Outdated reports from 2005 indicated that salinity levels of sea water were decreasing near the poles, thought to be attributable to ice cap runoff from rising global temperatures.  However, no new data supporting or denying these claims could be found by this researcher until September of this year.

    NASA has launched a new program aimed at more accurately determining salinity levels in our planet’s oceans.  Until this point (and certainly while the 2005 report was published), scientists could only measure salinity levels by taking samples during the summertime from the world’s busiest shipping lanes.  The Aquarius instrument, developed by NASA in September, is able to take global readings of salinity levels from space with a degree of accuracy previously unattainable.  This means scientists are now getting much better data on ocean salinity.  That said, the general statement that fresh water in the sea is increasing was not upheld by these findings.

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