Why has Fiji water received a lot of negative publicity lately?



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    I don’t know if this is the negative publicity you’re referring to, but Fiji Water owners were claiming that they would be the first bottled water company to have negative carbon emissions.  The idea then was that buying Fiji Water would be good for the planet, because money would be used by the company to plant trees in order to offset the emissions caused by bottling Fiji water in plastic containers and transporting it from the Fiji Islands to the U.S. and U.K.  Apparently Fiji Water had a lot on one of the acres where the trees were supposed to get planted, but only a few of them ever actually did get planted.  Also some people criticize Fiji Water’s claim to be beneficial to the environment by arguing “How can water bottled in plastic in a petroleum run plant?” ever have less of an environmental impact than drinking local tap water.  Fiji water company faces further criticism because though it has programs to provide some Fiji Island communities (the water’s origin) clean water, half of the country sometimes struggles to get clean drinking water and has to rely on emergency rations of 4 gallons per family.  Fiji water company also has a tax free status within Fiji.  When the government proposed taxing them, Fiji Water threatened to take its production else where which would have been a blow to the local economy.

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    americalibre‘s assessment is very accurate. I would like to add that most tap water in America is very good, and often better than bottled water. Here is a video and a link to a list of the top 100 tap water providers in America. If your local water supplier is anywhere on the top 100 list, there is no reason to get bottled water ever. I live in Yolo county, which isn’t even on the top 100 list, but still has good water. It is slightly alkaline, but still perfectly good for drinking. They send out an annual report in the mail with concentrations of trace minerals and other information and show how it lines up against federal water quality standards. This information is also available online for most water districts.

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