Why has Beijing placed a limit on the number of license plates issued by the city?



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    Some of China’s biggest struggles as it grows economically include cutting down on pollution and managing traffic congestion in metropolitan areas like Beijing.

    Beijing has a population of over 20 million people.   Keep in mind that cities in Asia are much more condensed than cities in the U.S., older than cities in the U.S., and there’s not as much room/opportunities to expand the highway system within Asian metropolitan areas.   In the past traffic congestion wasn’t as much of a problem in China because not as many people could afford cars, but as China is developing a middle class, more and more people want to buy cars.  True there is efficient public transportation.  (I’ve been to Beijing and lived in Asia for two years) but having a car is a symbol of social status in Asia so Beijing residents buy them nevertheless.  So this new license plate limit is one of many regulations the Chinese government’s utilizing to ease the traffic problems in Beijing.   

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