Why is H1N1 potentially more dangerous than the normal flu?



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    Because we (humans) don’t have immunity to it, and because it is worse among those who have stronger immune systems (a phenomenon called a cytokine storm), which means it can affect people who typically fight off the flu.  A cytokine storm is when, “the person’s immune system overreacts to the totally new flu virus and actually attacks the body’s healthy organs and systems – that makes the healthy approximately 15 to 60 year old individual the most likely to actually succumb to the flu.”  Since swine flu is new, we have no defenses, which means we fight harder against it, which adds to the phenomena of cytokine storm, since cytokine storm is part of the makeup of this flu itself.  An example of a cytokine storm in practice is if a disease caused the patient’s immune system to produce a lot of fluid, hypothetically to protect the patients lungs, but instead lead to the person effectively being drowned.  

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    It is potentially more dangerous because it is a cocktail of several different strains of flu. The body has not been exposed to this kind of flu before and thus is not experienced in reacting to it. Also, because it is from an animal source, it has the potential to mutate into a very deadly strain, which is what public health and disease control centers are monitering for.

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